Wirtgen presents four premières at Intermat 2015

Wirtgen GmbH will be exhibiting 12 machines for road construction and rehabilitation in Paris. The cold milling machines W 35 Ri, W 60 Ri and W 100 CFi and the recycler and soil stabilizer WR 250 "S-Pack" will be celebrating their international trade show début.

Among the premium products exhibited, attention will focus on the new generation of small milling machines. Along with the half-meter milling machine W 60 Ri launched in mid-2013, Wirtgen, the specialist for milling machines, will also be presenting the brand-new W 35 Ri and the new W 100 CFi in the compact class.

Highly efficient W 100 CFi is the highlight of Wirtgen's exhibits

A front loader, the W 100 CFi is equipped with the most eco-friendly engine technology in compliance with EU Stage 4 / US Tier 4 Final. Highlights include the great improvement in milling output by as much as 15% – a leap which is partly attributable to the higher engine output. Precise milled results are assured by LEVEL PRO PLUS, Wirtgen's brand-new proprietary levelling system, which has been completely integrated into the machine control system. A host of new features allow the W 100 CFi to complete projects efficiently – such as rapid, automatic swiveling of the rear right-hand crawler track without lowering the milling drum, automatic tracking of the rear right-hand crawler when swiveled inwards, the larger steering angle of the front axle, or the extremely large conveyor slewing angle of 60° to the left or right for loading material even in difficult job site conditions.

The compact large milling machine W 150i with milling widths of 1.20 and 1.50 m and the W 210i, a professional machine with cabin and a maximum milling width of 2.20 m, represent the world market leader's larger milling machines. These two power packs are ideal for extensively removing complete roadways up to a milling depth of 33 cm.

Visitors to the Wirtgen Group exhibition area will not only be able to view the cold milling machines, but also the centrepiece of every milling machine, namely the milling drum. Wirtgen is an innovation leader in cutting technology too, and supplies the largest range of milling drums in the industry. The five exhibits showcased by Wirtgen – for large and small milling machines, from standard to fine milling – represent a selection of milling drums for a whole variety of applications.

Paving concrete with the slipform paver SP 15i

Wirtgen supplies a variety of solutions in concrete paving, not only for roadway rehabilitation, but also for the construction of motorways or narrow paths and the production of monolithic profiles for concrete barriers or water gulleys. The SP 15i is the smallest slipform paver model for paving areas up to 1.8 m wide as well as monolithic profiles up to 1.3 m high. Numerous possible configurations allow the SP 15i to be used for a large number of offset concrete paving jobs. The model presented in Paris features a hydraulic vibrator, folding conveyor and the proprietary 3D machine control system Wirtgen Autopilot. Thanks to its compact design, the SP 15i is also easy to transport.

Recycler and soil stabilizer WR 250 "S-Pack" premièred at the trade fair

Boasting the largest range of machines for recycling and soil stabilization worldwide, this is just one more domain in which Wirtgen offers innovative solutions. The recycler and soil stabilizer WR 250 with integrated "S-Pack" (spreader pack) will make its trade fair début in Paris. Binder is deposited directly in front of the milling and mixing rotor via the spreader module and immediately mixed into the soil. The closed drum housing and an additional double curtain of rubber matting prevents the formation of dust clouds and ensures that the material is exclusively spread inside the milled lane. Thanks to the integrated spreader pack, binder can now be spread regardless of wind and weather and without drifting or displacement due to vehicles driving ahead or passing by. The WR 250 "S-Pack" spreads the material with a high degree of precision and offers outstanding all-terrain mobility – advantages that really come into their own in sensitive locations, such as on commercial estates which are subject to restrictions due to food production facilities or at locations near airports, as well as on difficult terrain.

The tractor-towed stabilizer WS 250 from Wirtgen is likewise used for soil stabilization. Its advantages are obvious: it is rapidly hitched, transforming a simple tractor unit into a "stabilizer" in a matter of minutes. The WS 250 is specially designed for small to medium-sized construction projects.

The binder spreader SW 16 MC from system partner Streumaster, the laboratory-scale foamed bitumen plant Wirtgen WLB 10 S and the laboratory-scale mixer WLM 30 round off the recycling and soil stabilization machines presented at Intermat. The Streumaster SW 16 MC, for instance, has a hopper capacity of 16 m³. Up to ten silo trains containing binder can be processed daily, thanks to the high performance and simple filling process via a quick-release coupling. The spreading and distribution of the binder are controlled electronically.

Available to all contractors and expert consultants, the laboratory-scale foamed bitumen plant WLB 10 S from Wirtgen is an ideal aid for preliminary testing in cold recycling applications involving foamed bitumen. With this laboratory-scale plant, precise measurement series can easily be performed to determine the optimum foamed bitumen properties. The ideal mix is swiftly determined in combination with the optional laboratory-scale continuous twin-compulsory mixer WLM 30 from Wirtgen.