Streumaster – high spreading precision and performance

Aiming at restoring SC-480, a 25 km long highway stretch that connects the city of Chapecó, in SC, with the border of the state of RS, Tecnopav, a company specialized in milling, soil stabilization and pavement recycling services has chosen to use two pieces of equipment by Wirtgen Group: a Streumaster cement spreader SW 16-MC and a Wirtgen recycler WR-240. The technique used is in situ pavement recycling with addition of crushed stone and cement.

The job

The restauration of highway SC-480 started in May and the conclusion is planned for August this year. According to the state government of Santa Catarina, the construction work has an investment of approximately R$ 100 million, a partnership between the Federal and State governments.

The technique

For this job, Tecnopav has chosen in situ pavement recycling with addition of crushed stone and cement. The purpose of the crushed stone is to correct the particle size of the recycled mix, whereas the cement has the function of increasing mechanical resistance.

The engineer Fernando Carlos Bueno, Contracts Manager at Tecnopav, explains that, in the process, crushed stone is initially spread on the surface of the pavement to be recycled and, afterwards, cement is distributed over the spread crushed stone, using the Streumaster truck. "After crushed stone and cement distribution, the recycler, attached to a tanker, starts the process of crushing the existing pavement (asphalt surface and base), promoting the mix of cement and crushed stone at the same time it injects the necessary amount of water on the mix, for later compaction", Fernando explains.

According to Juliano Gewehr, Product Specialist at Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários, this technique is quite advantageous. "Instead of removing layer by layer to build the road all over again, the existing pavement is reutilized. Crushed stone and cement are distributed over the old asphalt and strengthen the pavement. The addition of such materials (cement and crushed stone) on a highway make the road stronger, ensuring higher durability and service life", he explains.


Tecnopav has chosen to use the Streumaster cement spreader SW-16-MC, and since recycling is being done in situ, a Wirtgen recycler WR-240 is also being used.

""The Streumaster distribution truck offers a distinguished accuracy on cement's application rate. Wirtgen recycler, in its turn, has an outstanding operational performance, delivering a homogeneous mix of recycled material, aggregates and cement. In addition, applied moisture control is highly precise due to electronic controls on the equipment", adds Ismael Mendes Alvim, Tecnopav Managing Director.

  • Recycler WR 240:
    with a total weight of 29,400 kg and a powerful engine of 455 kW/619 PS, the recycler operates at a depth of up to 510 mm in nine cutting speeds which can vary according to the hardness of the material to be recycled. With a work width of 2400 mm and easy execution, it produces uniform layers in a shorter time. The machine, with four-wheel drive, also has a rear camera and a smaller turning radius, which is excellent for operation in urban areas.
  • Binding agent spreader SW 16 MC:
    The SW 16 MC model is a mobile unit developed for different types of transporting vehicles, such as trucks, tractors and tracked vehicles. This model allows for binding agents application according to the specified amount, which has a fundamental importance both for soil stabilization and cold recycling.

With an electronic control system, the equipment allows the specified spreading amount to be applied with maximum accuracy, regardless the spreader's drive speed.

For Gewehr, the Streumaster spreader is the best choice to ensure spreading performance in soil stabilization and cold recycling. "The SW 16 MC is the most modern Streumaster model, it has high accuracy and it is used for soil stabilization and cold recycling, in which the binder's uniform distribution is electronically controlled. Its binding agent recipient has a 16 m³ filling capacity and spreads cement in the correct proportion through an electronically controlled special dosing system", he adds.

Importance of the job

One of the main roads of the Western region of Santa Catarina, SC-480 stretches out up to the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The stretch of the job, more specifically, connects the city of Chapecó with the border of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The region is one of the highlights in the agroindustrial sector in Brazil and it is renowned by the production of pork, poultry and by-products, in addition of being one of the largest milk production sites in Brazil, according to Chapecó City Hall website. This job, therefore, has a fundamental relevance in production outflow, fostering the economy in the region.

The Company

With operational headquarters in Campinas, working at construction jobs throughout the country, Tecnopav has been in the sector for over 10 years. And, for being a company specialized in milling, soil stabilization, and pavement recycling services with a technological point of view, it is the pioneer in the introduction of processes, technologies, and cutting edge equipment connected to their field of work. More recently, it has introduced in the country Streumaster's high performance computerized distributors. Still according to the Managing Director, Ismael, it has a fleet with six of those new distributors. "They represent the most modern, reliable and efficient equipment available in bulk cement spreading", he asserts.