New Kleemann MR 130 EVO also in natural stone with impressive performance.

Since the end of 2010, an MR 130 ZS of the new Mobirex EVO series from Kleemann is in operation at Eckl from Hermau in the Regensburg district. The track-driven impact crusher is used here in a wide variety of recycling applications and also, as seen in this example, in natural stone.

The new mobile impact crusher Mobirex MR 130 ZS EVO in operation with natural stone.

The new mobile impact crusher Mobirex MR 130 ZS EVO in operation with natural stone.

Crushing lime rock for anti-freeze material

At a quarry near Pappenheim in Bavaria, the machine has long since been used for crushing lime rock. With the screening unit and oversized grain recirculation feature, a defined final grain size of 0 - 45 mm is produced, which can later be used as a substrate for road building. Here, it is particularly important that as much of the fine content as possible, in this case the large amount of lime, is removed from the charged material. Otherwise, there is a risk of the water not being able to drain as required through the substrate layer and causing damage mainly in winter as a result of frost. Therefore, a Kleemann plant system was also opted for with the trusted active double decker grizzly, which works reliably and extremely well here.

High performance with low consumption

Particularly impressed by the performance and consumption of the plant system is machine operator Wolfgang Schöberl from Eckl. "A daily output of about 3000 t end material is no rare occurrence", Schöberl says "and it achieves this with a consumption of 0.1 litres per ton." Moreover, an additional grain size can also be produced very flexibly by swinging out the return conveyor. "This is very quick and easy to do", demonstrates Schöberl "and we can then produce a grain size larger than 45 mm which can be used as oven stones or gabion material". The new operating concept is also impressive: "The machine is very easy to operate and is practically maintenance-free. And if something were to need attention, it's important that assistance is available on-site quickly. With the service provided by the Wirtgen sales branch in Augsburg, this is just so". Uwe Herrmann, responsible for the sales and distribution of Kleemann plant systems at Wirtgen in Augsburg, is clearly in support of this. "Everything simply has to be right. The customer needs the right machine with the right equipment for his/her application scenario or, in this instance, application scenarios. A certain amount of expertise is required even before a purchase is made. And the right service must follow."