Wirtgen Group taking part in Exposibram Amazonia

The company will be showing the audience its technologies for the mining industry

The Amazon International Mining Show (Exposibram Amazonia 2012) is taking place on November 5 through 8 in Belém (PA) and will be featuring the participation of the Wirtgen Group and its local dealer, Deltamaq. Those walking by the company’s stand will be able to see up close a replica of the Wirtgen Surface Miner 4200 SM.

Another attraction at the stand will be a panel showing details of the mining process in Paragominas, Pará, whose purpose is to extract bauxite, an element used to make aluminum. The operation has been taking place since March 2011 and makes use of the Wirtgen 2500 SM surface miner.

The audience will have the chance to learn details of the equipment whose main unique feature is the ability to carry out the four steps of the process using only one machine and one man. The miner is capable of drilling, blasting, loading and crushing. It does not require the use of excavators or front-end loaders, thus decreasing the total number of machines and the use of explosives, which consequently lowers noise levels. “The ability of performing all process stages using a single machine is one of the major advantages of the Wirtgen surface miner. That allows our clients to gain speed, efficiency and savings”, explained Luiz Marcelo Tegon, president of Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários. In Brazil, the equipment is sold by Ciber, a brand of the Wirtgen Group, through its dealers.

Additionally, the machine takes the crushed material directly to the transportation vehicle, decreasing the consumption of tires and fuel by the equipment that would be used in other methods. The equipment also brings green advantages as it, for instance, keeps surfaces clean and benches stable without water pools, conserves natural resources, and respects the community’s quality of life.

Exposibram Amazonia

Exposibram Amazonia gets to its third edition as the largest event for mining professionals in northern Brazil. Attended by teachers, students, and industry leaders from across the world, the event will also be hosting the 3rd Amazon Mining Conference where the main current mining topics will be discussed.