Ciber equipment used in two projects of great importance to Bahia’s tourism

Two asphalt plants are being used in the revitalization of the Caravelas Airport runway and the paving of roadway BR-418

Caravelas is the gateway to the Abrolhos archipelago, thus, the revitalization works on the Caravelas Airport runway and paving on roadway BR-418, which links the southern coast of Bahia to BR-101, are of vital importance to Brazilian tourism. To meet expressive demand, the 11th Battalion of Construction Engineering – the Mauá Battalion, responsible for the undertakings, are using two asphalt plants and two vibratory compactors produced by Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários.

The equipment currently employed in the construction works are the UACF 15 PME and UACF 17 P-1 plants, both Ciber brands that offer benefits like expressive portability and the production of high quality asphalt, along with the AF 5000 and SA115 vibratory compactors. Captain Floriano da Silva Neto, an engineer, praised the performance of the equipment. “The plants are great. There production has been very satisfactory in the development of the two projects”.

Paving of roadway BR-418 is currently on kilometer 59 of a total 84.5 km. Thus, work is expected to be finished in July 2013, following an investment of BRL 6.3 million. The project is part of works foreseen in PAC (Growth Acceleration Program) and an agreement with DNIT. To Captain Aminthas, the project has yet another point of importance deserving of attention: “the work is also important in shipping the region's eucalyptus production, which is conducted via BR-418 and BR-101”.

Revitalization of the Caravelas Airport runway is in its third phase. Thus far two layers of asphalt have been laid. The next step is the cover slab, a layer of very fine tar, measuring 4 cm thick. The project, which should be completed at the beginning of 2013, was undertaken in an agreement with the Aeronautics Command, with an investment of BRL 17 million. With this move, the region is expected to welcome larger aircraft, strengthening regional tourism.