Ciber’s participation grows in the Australian market

The mobile asphalt plants are becoming preferred by the companies

Since 2009, Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários has been gaining market share in the Australian market with its line of mobile asphalt plants. The equipment has been used in different works such as paving of urban and residential areas, paving of roads, industrial infrastructure and mining areas.

The area sales Manager from Ciber, Guilherme Ratkiewicz, explains that the facility and low cost of transportation allow customers to place their plants in a much easier way. "The machines are used in the execution of small, medium and large works in remote areas taking high-quality asphalt to places where fixed plants installed in areas of high population concentration cannot reach."

Guilherme explains that, traditionally, the Australian market is divided between large companies, that running projects of greater magnitude and has great fixed plants commercializing asphalt mixtures in large urban centers, and small and medium companies. "Smaller companies used to buy asphalt for their works and now realize the advantages of purchasing equipment with high mobility and low operating costs, together with high finished product quality and environmental control meeting the high local standards," he details.

Ciber’s mobile plants line has a production capacity ranging from 50 to 150 tons per hour, so it serves projects of different sizes.
Australia, like Brazil, is a country with vast extension, where today at least 95% of the fleet of asphalt plants is mobile. "We believe this concept of mobility will continue growing and Ciber is on the way to this market development," concludes Guilherme.