Ciber conquers new markets in Africa

Africa is the new and consistent market for Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários. The company, a sector leader in Latin America based in Porto Alegre (RS/Brazil), is a subsidiary of the German Wirtgen Group, and produces machines for paving, building and maintaining roads. Ciber celebrates its acceptance in the African market, especially with its range of asphalt plants, which add portability, technology, and environmental awareness. Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Tanzania, Lesotho, and Libya are some of the places where Ciber is currently present.

Among the products which are already operating in the African continent, a model that should be highlighted is the Counterflow Plant UACF 17 P Advanced, with capacities from 80 to 120t/h, high dosing precision, easy transportation and installation. Besides this version, Ciber offers a full range of plants with capacities from 50 to 150t/h, and is a pioneer and a leader in the manufacture of continuous counterflow plants in Latin America. This product range has a pug-mill external mixer with a counterflow drying system and high performance bag filters which ensure the production of asphalt mixtures with differentiated quality and low operational costs.

According to Ciber’s director-president, Walter Rauen, the company is represented in South Africa by Wirtgen South Africa, a Group subsidiary. “Our effective sales, technical, and after-sales support teams offer total coverage. Ciber has been in Africa for five years. There have been over 40 machines sold in the continent, and the extent of commitment from the after-sales support team is opening more and more doors in Africa,” he explains.

Wirtgen Group’s after-sales support service counts on full coverage in the African continent. Ciber has a comprehensive network of sales and service dealers, who offer spare parts and a specialized team for onsite service. “The company is participating in the renewal and development of many African countries, with specialized partners who can provide our costumers with reassurance and safety,” he affirms.

Getting to know more about counterflow plants – Ciber’s product range of counterflow plants includes the UACF 19 P-2 Advanced, with greater capacity (150 t/h), the models UACF 12 P-ME (50 t/h) and UACF 15 P-1 Advanced, for medium-sized jobsites (80 t/h), and the versatile UACF 17 P-1 and P-2 Advanced, for different types of jobsites (120 t/h). The dynamic dosage of aggregates is carried out individually. The system performs real-time self-corrections and enables more precise dosage. The drying is in counterflow sense, which dries and heats the aggregates economically. In this system, heat is gradually applied to the aggregates, which results in highly efficient thermal exchange and optimal fuel consumption. The mixing process is carried out outside the drum dryer in a twin shaft mixer, which provides higher quality in the mixture and protects the binding agent’s chemical features, thus strengthening the homogenization process. The equipment also has a system of gas purification that uses pleated bag filters, which guarantees high levels of production, no environmental damage, and filtering efficiency higher than 99.5%. For such reasons these plants can be installed in urban areas.

During the filtering process, all particles resulting from the drying stage are kept and can be reintroduced in the mixture to further improve granule size composition. Furthermore, these plants can produce any type of asphalt mixture. With the external mixer it is possible to perform operations with special binding agents such as asphalt rubber or even to add polymers. These plants are suitable for jobsites which demand high production levels and strict quality control of the asphalt composition.