Ciber Launches its Compact Asphalt Plant

Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários, leader in Latin America in manufacturing equipment for paving, building, and repairing roads, launched on this Wednesday, October 15 at its manufacturing unit in Porto Alegre (RS) its newest product--a new counterflow asphalt plant. The Kompakt has been tailor-made to be used in jobs that you need to get in and get out fast such as in the high altitudes of South America, on roads with sharp curves, the mountainous regions of the Andes, or narrow roads of Africa, and it called for investments in the order of R$ 1.3 million. The Kompakt line of plants represents a whole new family of products.

This plant is the only one of its kind on the market and comes with an integrated functional design that facilitates its movement and expands the vision of the process for the operator. It is only 2.6 meters wide, giving it great mobility and makes any special circulation license unnecessary. The Kompakt's versatile operation makes it possible to load the mineral aggregates from either side. The position of the flexible tank allows a parallel or perpendicular position and there is no need for a pre-fab concrete support. "The customer does not need to get bogged down with the details of the plant's position," explains the company's director-president, Walter Rauen.

Its assembly has also been simplified. Along with being the lightest on the market, the Kompakt is also the easiest to level because the elevator's entire framework is connected to the equipment's chassis. A better view of the load in the dump truck improves the adjustments made during the asphalt mix production cycle, the observation of consumption, and the loading of material in the bins.

Kompakt was conceived by Ciber's Engineering Research & Development area that invested 15 months from creation to testing. State-of-the-art simulation and modeling software was used, which was fruit of the company investing in research and development. This ensures Kompakt's good performance, designed to be sold to the main markets in the countries of South America as well in the Caribbean, and Southeast Africa--regions with different geographical characteristics and investment policies in reurbanization and infrastructure.


The new plant reaches the market with innovations. The bins can operate by volumetric or dynamic metering and have two parts, making it possible to store four kinds of materials. It also comes with a pleated bag filter, which is standard for the Advanced line. Its more elongated geometry allows slower speeds for the passage of gases at the filter's entrance, which also lowers the number of augers in the fine aggregates system and therefore reduces maintenance costs.

The new product also comes with a new mixer that because of its angular position provides high-quality aggregate mixing with the binding agent. The dryer is another novelty because it is longer in the combustion zone and fins for dry mixing that make it possible to inject fine aggregates reincorporated or fibers after the combustion zone. The control cabin is mobile and gives a broad view since it is located outside of the plant's structure where the mixing, loading, and burner system can be fully monitored. The position of the drag elevator, from the point of transportation to the working position, requires only three assembly operations. Maintenance is carried out at easy-access points, as well as cleaning.

Technical Features:

Kompakt 500

Production Capacity 50t/h

Bins 4 divided with individual weighing

Dryer Counter-flow

Burner 7MW

Filtering System Pleated Bags

Mixer Twin-Shaft Pugmill type Mixer

Elevator Redler-type drag elevator


2.6 m wide

4 m high

14 m long (without the truck)