Work on the Green Line in Curitiba continue at an intense pace

Northern phase should be complete by mid-year

The Green Line is one of the main urban mobility projects currently in progress in Curitiba, Parana. The main objective of the work is to relieve traffic in the region, creating a quick and easy access route.

The project was divided into two phases: the Southern phase is complete and the Northern phase is underway. In this second phase, Empo, company responsible for the project, chose to have two GRW 18 Hamm rollers to compact the asphalt.

According to Flavio Isaaka, engineer from Empo, company responsible for the project, the action of the rollers is quite satisfactory and the equipment is carrying out its role very well. “When we decided to purchase equipment, we listened to our partners and sought high performance machinery. In the case of the Wirtgen Group machinery, they are always well recommended and the performance is always very good”, explains the engineer.

The first of four lots of the Northern Green Line are currently in progress, between the Botanical Garden and Taruma neighborhoods. According to Isaaka, it is expected that the project will continue to the middle of the year.

The route is formed by a central bi-articulated bus lane and another for vehicles. Between them, there will be trees and flower beds, plus a bicycle lane and a pedestrian path with resting spots with benches and exercise bars.