Cold Recycling Mixing Plant Wirtgen KMA 220:
Av. Sapopemba (São Paulo – Brazil) gets paved with recycled asphalt

Program of the Government of São Paulo Rehab Avenue

A stretch of 5 km of Avenida Sapopemba, one of the busiest avenues in São Paulo, has been fully paved with recycled materials. The initiative, which is part of the Program for Road Preservation with Recycled Materials of the Municipal Government of São Paulo, has enabled for the stretch between Avenida dos Sertanistas and Rua Bento Guelfi to be remodeled.

The mobile cold recycling mixing plant Wirtgen KMA 220 has been used for the program, in addition to other two Wirtgen Group tools: the cold milling machine Wirtgen W 1000 F and the mobile impact crusher Kleemann MR 110 Z EVO. The Wirtgen equipment was very important for the completion of this unprecedented project in urban roads.

Reused Construction Rubble

The initiative has reclaimed the rubble from the demolition of the old building Moinho, located in the central area of the city, which was affected by a fire in the end of 2011, and two other buildings, São Vito and Mercúrio, which were put down in 2010. Additionally, fragments of tar from other revitalized roads have been used.

Technique of Cold Recycling

Wirtgen Group’s machines were used in the execution of the eco-friendly paving technique, also known as cold recycling. The process recycles the rubble in its entirety, and then it is grinded and used in the mixture of the base and sub-base of the pavement. After this material is applied, the place can receive the new tar coating, which, in the case, is recycled too, as it was produced with crushed material, that is, old asphalt that has been removed (RAP).

"This technique has been a turning point in the urban road rehabilitation in Brazil. Up until then, RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) has only been used to build new roads, that is, outside the cities", said Antonio Monfrinatti, director of Reciclotec, dealer of the Wirtgen Group in São Paulo.

The Choice of the right Equipment

Fremix (Grupo ANE), the contractor responsible for the project, has set an area for the processing of construction and demolition waste (CDW) and recycling, as well as a RAP, in an area close to the construction site.

Valmir Bonfim, engineer from Grupo ANE, states that the use of Wirtgen Group’s machines was extremely important for the successful completion of the construction. Kleemann’s mobile impact crusher MR 110 Z EVO was used to grain the waste from the buildings that were put down at the specified sizes. On the other hand, Wirtgen’s KMA 220 has processed the recycled materials to produce the asphalt mixtures used. "The machine has operated in an impressive way, producing high-quality mixtures with the recycled materials and has even reached the maximum production capacity of 220 t/h.", as he points out.

Recycling with Foamed Bitumen

Fremix decided to use cold recycling at the plant. The asphalt removed by Wirtgen’s cold milling machine W 1000 F was processed by the Wirtgen’s mobile plant KMA 220 along with foamed bitumen, which was the method chosen for recycling. “This method reclaims the milled material and provides economy. Besides, it minimizes the exploration of deposits and saves tar materials”, says Bonfim.

The Benefits of the Machine

Additionally, Valmir has found KMA 220 economic in all aspects: with a production of 200 t/h, a truck loaded with 20 tons of cold recycling mix was produced at every six minutes. Moreover, the machine has managed to reduce CO2 emissions.

“In this stretch, between Av. dos Sertanistas and Av. Bento Guelfi, the road was not paved and was in poor conditions, muddy and potholed. The paving has brought many benefits, such as the construction of sidewalks which have allowed for pedestrians to travel along the road”, Bonfim says.