VÖGELE present their new flagship

With a potentially record-breaking pave width of up to 18m, the new SUPER 3000-3(i) can pave the surface course of a four-lane motorway carriageway without joints. As a representative of the Premium Line, the large paver additionally incorporates all the features of the latest "Dash 3" generation. Other highlights include the innovative material transport and the new hydraulic tamper-stroke adjustment.

Field-proven: the new SUPER 3000-3i excelled on its very first job on the A96 on the outskirts of Munich.

VÖGELE are presenting a new flagship in the form of the newly developed SUPER 3000-3(i). This state-of-the-art machine is also particularly cost-efficient, versatile and user-friendly. VÖGELE's largest paver is comprised within the new Premium Line and is suitable for both medium-sized construction projects and the rehabilitation of motorways as well as for paving airport runways, large squares and traffic areas. Premium Line products are all equipped with the ErgoPlus 3 operating concept. Particularly easy to learn, this concept offer users a wide array of advanced and practical features such as displays, automatic functions and enhanced convenience. Like all "Dash 3" machines in the Premium Line, the SUPER 3000-3(i) is additionally equipped with the VÖGELE EcoPlus low-emissions package and is optionally available with the PaveDock Assistant communication system.

Operating in combination with the SB 350 Fixed-Width Screed, the SUPER 3000-3i paved both sides of the A96 near Munich without joints.

Maximum performance with innovative material transport

The SUPER 3000-3(i) can lay down up to 1,800t of mix per hour. With an output of 354kW, the diesel engine supplies the paver with sufficient power to tackle even large-volume paving jobs with ease. Paving quality is another key factor: it depends, among other things, on the correct height setting of the auger. This should always be adapted to the layer thickness. VÖGELE have completely revolutionized the material transport on the new SUPER 3000-3(i), to guarantee an optimum head of mix in front of the screed when working with varying layer thicknesses: the height of the rear section of the chassis including the conveyors and augers can now be infinitely varied at the push of a button. As a result, material can always be transferred to the auger from above. This supports an optimum material throughput and distribution of the mix, even when paving thick base courses. The SUPER 3000-3(i) is very versatile as a result.

New screeds with pave widths of up to 18m

Combined with the SB 350 Fixed-Width Screed, VÖGELE's new SUPER 3000-3(i) can achieve a potentially record-breaking pave width of up to 18m.

The new screed concept of VÖGELE's new flagship is similarly geared to maximum flexibility: the SUPER 3000-3(i) can be combined with the AB 600 Extending Screed and the new SB 300 and SB 350 Fixed-Width Screeds. The fixed-width screeds guarantee maximum surface accuracy, even when working with large pave widths – while paving without longitudinal joints. The SB 350 can be used to pave asphalt surface courses up to 5cm thick, even across a total width of 18m. Users can also use it to lay down anti-freeze layers or water-bound bases with layer thicknesses up to 50cm. Thanks to the new telescoping and positioning system for screed bolt-on extensions, the set-up times are also a great deal shorter when working with varying pave widths. What is more, the newly developed hydraulic bolt-on extensions make for great versatility when paving: at the push of a button, the pave width can now be hydraulically varied by 1.25m on each side of the screed – adding up to a total adjustment range of 2.5m.

A world first: Hydraulic tamper-stroke adjustment

The innovative material transport system, which allows the height of the rear section of the chassis, the conveyor and the auger to be adjusted, guarantees an optimum head of mix in front of the screed when paving in both large and small layer thicknesses.

A correctly set tamper stroke has a key impact on the compaction result, particularly when paving in different layer thicknesses with the same screed. When they developed the hydraulic tamper-stroke adjustment system, VÖGELE's engineers hence made a great advancement in the achievement of premium paving results. With this system, paver operators can set the optimum tamper stroke of 4 or 8mm on the paver operator's ErgoPlus 3 console or the screed console, easily adapting it to the current paving job at the push of a button.

Hydraulic tamper-stroke adjustment at the push of a button: on the new SB 300 and SB 350 Fixed-Width Screeds, the tamper stroke can be adjusted without any mechanical conversion work.

A genuine all-rounder

With all these functions, the SUPER 3000-3(i) can cover an extremely wide range of applications. Thanks to the innovative material transport, hydraulic tamper-stroke adjustment and the wider hydraulic bolt-on extensions for the new fixed-width screeds, users can conveniently adapt the SUPER 3000-3(i) to the current paving situation – without mechanical conversion work. The set values can additionally be saved and retrieved at any time with the automatic AutoSet Plus function. This enhances the efficiency, ease and quality of job-site processes.

Ludwigshafen/April 2019