More than just a niche product - Nordbau 2017 - Mastic asphalt technologies by Benninghoven

Compared to rolled asphalt, mastic asphalt offers advantages which make it the ideal construction material for floors in many everyday situations – primarily in road construction, but also for industrial floors and even as screed in residential buildings. On the one hand, it is very wear resistant, while also being watertight and highly durable. It is therefore very popular for bridge construction – and not only there. “Although this material is more of a niche product compared to rolled asphalt, its positive properties show that is has a promising future,” Kirko Ehrt, Product Manager at Benninghoven GmbH & Co. KG, comments.

Everything from one source

For mastic asphalt applications, BENNINGHOVEN offers technologies from manufacturing and storage to transport. Especially the GKL transport mixers with horizontal mixing shaft and hydraulic or electric direct drive are perfectly designed for homogenisation and optimum mixing during transport. The GKL is currently available with loading capacities of 5, 7.5 and 10 m³, which is equivalent to a capacity of 12, 18 or 24 m³ mastic asphalt with a density of 2.4 t/m³.

BENNINGHOVEN GKL mastic asphalt mixer - The extra high drive torque of the agitator for high viscosity mastic asphalts also deserves a mention.

The compact unit is ideal for mobile and stationary applications. A variety of installation options are possible – pivot plate, tandem, trailer, hook system, transfer frame, as well as individual, customised solutions. We will be presenting the GKL Hydraulik 5 at the Nordbau trade fair. The weight optimised mixer is equipped with a fully automatic, oil fired heating and sets highest standards in handling, operation, ergonomics, accessibility and safety. Continuous temperature monitoring ensures consistent quality of the asphaltic mixture and protection of the periphery. The extra high drive torque of the agitator for high viscosity mastic asphalts also deserves a mention.

Quiet like a TV at room volume

The GKL is also available with the “Silent” option, i.e. the absence of hydraulic components and an extremely quiet power generator for direct, continuous driving of the agitator allow the mixer to achieve an acoustic pressure of 60 dB at a distance of 7 m. These noise emissions correspond to a TV at room volume.

GKL Silent - The vehicles can even be connected to and run from a stationary three phase power supply.

The low noise emission, due to the purely electrical drive solution, ensures higher availability and therefore increased performance in practical application. The reason: Special acoustic pressure levels must be observed in residential areas or pedestrian zones. Work during the early morning hours, late in the evening and during the night is then usually not possible. The vehicles can even be connected to a stationary three phase power supply and therefore run independently.

GKL Silent 10 - The noise emissions correspond to a TV at room volume.

But the BENNINGHOVEN innovation is much more than just quiet. With optional accessories, e.g. hydraulic filling port, central lubrication, electrically heated discharge door and many more, the mastic asphalt mixer is a benchmark and represents true added value for the operating company. The highlights also include the switch cabinet which was developed in-house. A multifunction display with all process-relevant parameters in integrated for control. Live data can be retrieved at all times with a receipt printer or with the optional Webfleet technology. On the Webfleet Portal, the data can be monitored in real time or stored for subsequent archiving. This provides full documentation of the mastic asphalt transport and meets the certification requirements which will be mandatory in future (already in force in the city of Berlin).