World Premiere: The new Benchmark in 8-foot Pavers

The 8-foot paver segment is of central importance to many road construction companies, because with these machines they can cover a wide range of applications, from small municipal job sites to highway construction and rehabilitation. With their strong performance and a uniquely compact design, the new SUPER 1700-3i and SUPER 1703-3i pavers put Germany-based JOSEPH VÖGELE AG at the forefront of technology in this field. They also integrate the practical features that make the "Dash 3" generation of SUPER pavers synonymous worldwide with modern road pavers – most notably the intuitive and ergonomic ErgoPlus 3 operating concept.

The VÖGELE SUPER 1700-3i and SUPER 1703-3i

The new benchmark in 8-foot pavers: The VÖGELE SUPER 1700-3i and SUPER 1703-3i Universal Class pavers.

Compact Design: Ideal for Every Kind of Job Site

Pavers in the 8-foot class are road construction machines that are designed to achieve maximum performance both in confined conditions and on highway job sites. What may sound like conflicting objectives has led VÖGELE’s design engineers to an impressive and future-oriented solution. The result is the new SUPER 1700-3i tracked paver and new SUPER 1703-3i wheeled paver, ultra-modern machines that are compact but powerful, and thus meet the highest demands.

SUPER 1700-3i

Immediately recognizable by the yellow hardtop: The new 8-foot SUPER pavers are the successors to the previous VISION 5100-2 and VISION 5103-2.

Outstanding Quality: Modern Features of the "Dash 3" Pavers on Board.

At VÖGELE, quality is always priority number one. And that applies to the durable, reliable and maintenance-friendly technology just as much as to the paving results these machines can achieve. The SUPER 1700-3i and SUPER 1703-3i further integrate many advantages that pay off under demanding operating conditions. For example, the material handling concept that effectively counteracts thermal and mechanical segregation by such means as its cleverly designed receiving hopper, ascending conveyors and hydraulic augers, the height of which can be adjusted by 6 in. (15 cm).

Maximum Ease of Operation with the Intuitive ErgoPlus 3 Operating Concept

For VÖGELE, however, design means much more than just meeting the demands of construction companies and customers. Every VÖGELE development focuses above all on the user, as evidenced by the ErgoPlus 3 operating concept. It encompasses an ergonomic paver operator's platform with numerous intelligent details, such as a hardtop with an extendable sunshade and comfortable seats that swing out to the side. The heart of the ErgoPlus 3 system is the operating consoles for the driver and screed operator. All functions are arranged here in logical groups, push-buttons support reliable operation even when wearing work gloves, and the backlit color displays make it easy to clearly read current settings, even at night or in bright sunlight.

Strong performance: Ready to Give Their All

Clean technology

Clean technology: Thanks to a sophisticated exhaust aftertreatment system, machines with the designation "i" at the end of their name for "intelligent emissions control" meet the strict regulations of the US standard EPA Tier 4i and 4f.

A paver that has to master a variety of construction projects must be designed for the maximum required level of performance. For the new 8-foot pavers, combined with the VÖGELE front-mounted extending screed and hydraulic bolt-on extensions, this maximum is at 19 ft. 6 in. (5.95 m). Strong performance, even when operating at this maximum paving width, is provided by a liquid-cooled 4-cylinder Cummins diesel engine, which even functions reliably under extreme climate conditions. The engine has an output of 173 hp (129 kW) at 2,000 rpm. When working in ECO mode, which is sufficient for most applications, the engine runs at a maximum of 1,700 rpm, further reducing noise emissions and fuel consumption.

Laydown Rates of up to 770 tons/h (700 tonnes/h)

The entire material handling system of the SUPER 1700-3i and SUPER 1703-3i is also designed for high output, starting with the extra-large receiving hopper with a capacity of 14.3 tons (13 tonnes), which supports the easy and rapid supply of mix from the trucks. Even a truck hitch is available. High-powered, separate hydraulic drives on the conveyor and auger deliver an optimum head of mix in front of the screed in every paving situation: They support high laydown rates of up to 770 tons/h (700 tonnes/h). To transfer this performance onto the road, both pavers have outstanding traction. For the SUPER 1703-3i wheeled paver, customers have a choice between a 6x4 and 6x6 drive.

Stability Combined with Variability: VÖGELE VF 500 Extending Screed

VF 500 Extending Screed

The front-mounted VÖGELE VF 500 Extending Screed features extremely high stability for maximum evenness and great variability.

As the technology and world market leader, VÖGELE views the paver and screed as a single system, and closely coordinates the two during development. This is evident in the combination of the SUPER 1700-3i and SUPER 1703-3i with the front-mounted VF 500 Extending Screed. It features extremely high stability for maximum evenness and great variability. With the ErgoPlus 3 screed console, the screed can be adjusted infinitely variably and rapidly in a range from 8 ft. to 15 ft. 6 in. (2.45 m to 4.75 m), or with bolt-on extensions to 19 ft. 6 in. (5.95 m).

Ludwigshafen am Rhein/March 2017