EVO JET – firing technology from the industry pioneer

BENNINGHOVEN is a world market leader when it comes to burners, and the only manufacturer of 4-fuel burners. The company's essential expertise enables it to develop unique burners with excellent characteristics. BENNINGHOVEN is the only manufacturer to have equipped its asphalt mixing plants with its own burners, which are developed and produced in-house, from day one.

Decades of experience, and continuous research and development in firing technology resulted in the design of the BENNINGHOVEN EVO JET burner. The result is efficient, clean combustion with maximum economy and minimal emissions. The burners conform to the most stringent requirements of an industrial burner and are manufactured to the highest standards of quality in line with the fundamental principles of BENNINGHOVEN. Since market launch, thousands of burners have been installed on the market all over the world.


Unique: Four different energy sources in one burner

The customer has the option of operating his burner, which is responsible for drying and heating the base material, with up to four different fuels such as heating oil (extra light, medium and heavy), liquid gas, natural gas, solids (coal dust) or combinations of several fuels. These combi burners are capable of selecting the fuels at the touch of a button and can therefore guarantee independence and flexibility. A combi-burner also has the advantage of eliminating plant downtimes due to a shortage of raw materials or delivery problems and, in the event of price fluctuations for any particular fuel, the cheapest can always be selected.

The EVO JET burner is modular and compact, constructed in individual sections, and guarantees perfect accessibility for servicing. Mounted on rails, the burner can be moved, providing unique access – also to the dryer drum.

The name EVO JET stands for ultimate efficiency, eco-friendliness and reliability. State-of-the-art control technology, in conjunction with frequency converter technology, provides the best combustion values across all areas.This guarantees minimum pollutant emissions and maximises energy savings.

A special silencer design not only minimises noise emissions, it also uses the radiated heat from the drying process. Therefore the silencer also helps reduce fuel consumption.

BENNINGHOVEN burners are successfully used in asphalt mixing plants all over the world and can be retrofitted into existing asphalt mixing plants from all manufacturers. Here we differentiate between burners with capacity levels of 5.9 33.6 MW.