The high-grade asphalt specialist SUPER 1880-3 L – powerful, efficient and economical

With the SUPER 1880-3 L, VÖGELE are presenting a new tracked paver that has been tailored to demands in China. As the successor to the SUPER 1800-2 L, so popular in China, this pioneering machine with its innovative "Dash 3" technology raises the bar even higher when it comes to workplace and operating comfort, energy efficiency and pavement quality. The new SUPER 1880-3 L supports an expanded range of applications. With a maximum pave width of 9.5m, it handles motorways, rural roads and squares just as well as tight roundabouts. The innovative paver is an acknowledged specialist for paving asphalt with premium quality results.

The robust and high-quality design of the SUPER 1880-3 L makes for a long lifetime and reduces wear part costs.

Modern drive technology

VÖGELE EcoPlus low-emissions package for a low carbon footprint significantly reduces fuel consumption and noise levels.

The SUPER 1880-3 L is powered by a high-performance 6-cylinder diesel engine rated at 158kW. The modern engine complies with the Stage III Standard. The engine additionally features an ECO mode that reduces the nominal speed from 2,000rpm to 1,700rpm. This ECO mode reduces operating costs and noise emissions significantly. The philosophy behind the drive concept of the "Dash 3" generation is: "Lower consumption — lower emissions — lower costs". In this respect, the innovative VÖGELE EcoPlus low-emissions package includes a whole series of measures to significantly reduce fuel consumption and noise levels:

Splitter gearbox with ability to disengage hydraulic pumps
When the paver is stationary, e.g. during longer waits, all the hydraulic pumps needed for "traction", "conveyors and augers" and "compaction" are automatically disengaged. This function cuts fuel consumption considerably. Reducing the trailing load also makes it significantly easier to start the paver at low ambient temperatures.

Energy-optimized tamper drive
The tamper is driven by a variable-displacement pump which always delivers exactly the amount of oil needed for the current tamper speed and not a drop more or less

Controlled hydraulic oil temperature circuit
A bypass circuit allows the hydraulic oil to reach its optimum operating temperature very quickly. This in turn permits rapid, fuel-saving operation of the paver. The hydraulic oil is not led through the cooler assembly before its temperature has exceeded the optimum level of 50 - 70°C.

Variable-speed fan
The variable-speed fan automatically adapts to the engine load and the ambient temperature. The fan is driven via a viscous coupling. This type of fan drive, in contrast to a hydraulic drive, stands out through considerably greater energy efficiency and much lower noise levels.

Precision on tracks

The optimized crawler unit with additional track carrier rollers maximizes the quiet running of the paver. The electronically controlled separate drives installed in the sprockets of the crawler tracks permit constant straight movement and precise steering through curves.

Thanks to powerful separate drives fitted into the sprockets of the crawler tracks, engine output is translated into pave speed with no loss of power. Meanwhile, the long crawler tracks with large footprints provide for maximum tractive effort, allowing the paver to progress well at a constant speed even when operating on difficult terrain.

A separate drive and electronic control are provided for each crawler track, ensuring positive tracking when moving straight and accurate cornering. At the same time, new track pads deliver maximum traction on any base. Their high abrasion resistance makes for a long service life. They are also easy to replace during servicing.

Perfect paving qualitiy due to perfect material management

A continuous flow of mix is key to ensuring uninterrupted and high-quality paving with this high-performance paver. That is why VÖGELE attach such importance to professional material management when designing their pavers. All development efforts focus on ensuring simple operation and the best possible overview for the paving team.

The large material hopper and chassis of the SUPER 1880-3 L have been specially adapted to the feed vehicles which are customary in China. Any mix lorry can dock onto the SUPER 1880-3 L without difficulty, thanks to its great length and low feed height. What is more, the wide, oscillating push-rollers can be moved 150mm or 75mm forward for a convenient and jerk-free material supply to the paver from any kind of feed vehicle. The large material hopper holds up to 15t. This not only permits rapid unloading of the feed lorries, but also ensures that there is an ample buffer of material when changing lorries.

The optimally designed mix conveying system with conveyors ascending towards the rear avoids segregation and diminishes wear of conveyors and conveyor bearings. The proportional control provided for conveyors regulates flow rates to precisely match the requirement of mix in front of the screed for excellent paving results.

An additional advantage of the SUPER 1880-3 L is that its augers are hydraulically infinitely variable in height up to 15cm, even while paving. This provides for quick and easy adaptation to the desired layer thickness across the full pave width.

ErgoPlus 3 operating concept

Even the very best machine with the most advanced technology can only really show its strengths if it can be operated easily and as intuitively as possible. At the same time, it should offer an ergonomic and safe working environment for the operating team. With this in mind, the ErgoPlus 3 operating concept focuses on the operator. With VÖGELE pavers, the user consequently retains full control over the machine and construction project.

ErgoPlus 3, the ultimate paver operating concept with a number of additional ergonomic and functional advantages, guarantees safe and efficient operation.

The paver operator‘s ErgoPlus 3 console
This console has been designed according to practice-related principles. All controls are clearly arranged and paver functions are clustered in logical groups so that operators find their controls just where they would expect them to be.

On the ErgoPlus 3 console, all push-buttons are easily identifiable by touch even when wearing work gloves. Once a button is pressed, off you go. This is due to the "Touch and Work" principle. This means that a function is executed directly – without a need to confirm.

The ErgoPlus 3 screed console
The screed is crucial for pavement quality. Easy and positive handling of all screed functions is hence of utmost importance for high-quality road construction. With ErgoPlus 3, the screed operator has the process of paving at his fingertips. All functions are easily comprehensible and all controls are clearly arranged.

The screed console features a robust design in keeping with the conditions prevailing on the job site. Push-buttons are provided for the frequently used functions operated from the screed console. These are watertight and enclosed in palpably raised rings, so that they are identifiable blindfold simply by touch even when wearing work gloves. Important paver and screed data can be called up and adjusted from the screed console, too.

The display of the screed console allows the screed operator to control and monitor both the left and the right side of the screed. Machine-related parameters such as tamper speed or conveyor speed can be adjusted conveniently via the display panel of the screed console. The clear menu structure, combined with easily understandable, self-explanatory symbols that are neutral in language, makes operating the display panel both simple and safe.

What is more, Niveltronic Plus, the cutting-edge VÖGELE System for Automated Grade and Slope Control, is very easy to learn and achieves outstanding paving results. All important functions of Niveltronic Plus can be accessed directly on menu level 1. The operator is provided with a variety of information, such as the sensor currently selected or the deviation from specified values for layer thickness. An electronic system installed in the screed tow point rams picks up the tow point positions. Meanwhile, the display of the current tow point positions and of the transverse slope on the screed console greatly facilitates set-up of the screed. All sensors connected are recognized automatically by Niveltronic Plus and can be monitored and controlled from either screed console. An open interface is provided for connection of a GPS system, thus permitting 3D paving.

The screed width can be effortlessly adjusted by means of the SmartWheel. This is done in two speeds: slow, for precise control e.g. along an edge, or fast, for rapid extension or retraction of the screed.

Another key advantage of the screed console is that it is specially designed for night-time operation. To prevent operator errors, the buttons are backlit as soon as dusk falls or in darkness. What is more, the downward-angled high-power LED lighting gives the operator a perfect view of all processes associated with the side plate.

Screeds to meet all needs

The powerful and high-grade SUPER 1880-3 L stands out through superb adaptability, a feature making it perfectly suited to highly varied paving tasks. Whether it is building large traffic areas, highways or motorways – this paver is ideal for any kind of large-scale projects. A number of screed options is available for combination with the SUPER 1880 L:

VÖGELE AB 600 Extending Screed is the preferred choice on all those jobs where pave width varies and premium pavement quality counts. Thanks to their sturdy single-tube telescoping system, these screeds can be set quickly and accurately to any pave width desired. Effective sound insulation in the extending screeds reduces noise levels on the job site. In combination with the low-noise tractor unit, these screeds are hence ideally suited for use even in noise-sensitive areas. And the VÖGELE SB 300 Fixed-Width Screeds are ideal primarily for paving in large widths. The VÖGELE AB 600 Extending Screed and the SB 300 Fixed-Width Screed are available in TV version (with tamper and vibrators) and in TP1 version (with tamper and 1 pressure bar) for high compaction.

The SB 300 HDT has been specially developed for the placing of cold materials in roadbase construction such as cement-treated base (CTB). It features robust workmanship and an extremely high compacting effort. The special tamper geometry guarantees high compaction, even when placing thick layers.

The uniform heating of the screed plates, tamper bars and pressure bar ensures a homogeneous surface texture. Even with the paver engine running at minimum rpm, the time required for the screed to reach its operating temperature is reduced substantially thanks to an intelligent generator management. When the paver functions are set to automatic, the generator management activates alternating mode for screed heating (heating the screed alternately on the left and right), a feature which is easy on the engine and reduces fuel consumption considerably.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein / November 2016