SUPER 1880 L – the multifunctional paver for cement-treated base and asphalt

The SUPER 1880 L takes and gives a lot. Cement-treated base (CTB) has become the established standard in China for road construction projects. Paving base courses up to 50cm thick requires extremely powerful and durable pavers. VÖGELE’s new SUPER 1880 L is a cost-efficient, heavy-duty tracked paver designed for paving both water-bound materials and asphalt mixes. Moreover, with a maximum pave width of 9.5m, the SUPER 1880 L is exactly the right paver for use on motorway projects and rural roads. When it comes to power, the 6-cylinder diesel engine with 158kW has what it takes to achieve pave speeds of up to 24m/min.

Modern drive technology

VÖGELE's modern drive concept is perfectly adapted to the large range of different uses of the multifunctional SUPER 1880 L.

VÖGELE’s modern drive concept is perfectly adapted to the large range of different uses of the multifunctional SUPER 1880 L. This paver is powered by a high-performance 6-cylinder diesel engine rated at 158kW. The modern engine complies with the Stage III Standard.

The engine features an ECO mode that reduces the nominal speed from 2,000rpm to 1,700rpm. This ECO mode reduces operating costs and noise emissions significantly. All drive components operate with maximum efficiency, from the diesel engine to the hydraulic system.

Precision on tracks

The optimized crawler unit with additional track carrier rollers maximizes the quiet running of the paver. The electronically controlled separate drives installed in the sprockets of the crawler tracks permit constant straight movement and precise steering through curves.

Thanks to powerful separate drives fitted into the sprockets of the crawler tracks, engine output is translated into pave speed with no loss of power. Meanwhile, the long crawler tracks with large footprints provide for maximum tractive effort, allowing the paver to progress well at a constant speed even when operating on difficult terrain.

A separate drive and electronic control are provided for each crawler track, ensuring positive tracking when moving straight and accurate cornering. At the same time, new track pads deliver maximum traction on any base. Their high abrasion resistance makes for a long service life. They are also easy to replace during servicing.

Perfect material management

A continuous flow of mix is key to ensuring uninterrupted and high-quality paving. That is why VÖGELE attach such importance to professional material management when designing their pavers. This is also essential if this multifunctional paver is used for roadbase applications.

The long, extended hopper of the SUPER 1880 L permits fast unloading of trucks while its powerful conveyor system (longitudinal, lateral) delivers a high throughput rate and continuous material flow. All these features add up to high daily performance rates on the job site.

The heavy-duty design of the SUPER 1880 L is ideal for paving cold, coarse materials and, as a multifunctional specialist, it is also suitable for paving hot asphalt layers.

Large material hopper, easy feed with mix

The material hopper and chassis of the SUPER 1880 L have been specially designed for operation with the feed vehicles customary in China. Any mix lorry can dock onto the SUPER 1880 L without difficulty, thanks to its great length and low feed height. What is more, the wide, oscillating push-rollers can be moved 150mm or 75mm forward for a convenient and jerk-free material supply to the paver from any kind of feed vehicle. The large material hopper holds up to 15t. This not only permits rapid unloading of the feed lorries, but also ensures that there is an ample buffer of material when changing lorries.

New ErgoBasic operating concept

The new ErgoBasic operating concept was developed on the basis of the proven ErgoPlus operating system but it was tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of the users of the multifunctional paver SUPER 1880 L.

The aim was to develop an operating system that is just as quick, precise and intuitive to operate as the ErgoPlus 3 system for the "Dash 3" machines. That makes VÖGELE the only manufacturer to offer a standardized operating concept for all paver classes.

This Universal Class paver is simple to operate with the innovative and easy-to-grasp ErgoBasic operating concept.

The paver operator's ErgoBasic console

Everything at a glance: the functions are arranged in a clear, logical and practical layout that has clearly been inspired by the paver operator's ErgoPlus console. The type of controls and the symbols used are all in line with those of a paver operator's ErgoPlus console.

Given the limited number of functions, there is no need for a display. The status of all settings is indicated as a percentage on LED strips immediately next to the relevant functions. LEDs also indicate the set speeds for the augers and the compacting systems as well as the filling level of the fuel tank.

The ErgoBasic remote control unit for the screed

The safe and easy handling of all screed functions is a key factor in high-quality pavement construction. That is why a remote control unit for the screed was developed specifically for the ErgoBasic operating system of the new SUPER 1880 L.

The remote control's keypad is laid out logically according to the functional processes. Designed for robustness, it is well able to withstand tough job site conditions. Operation is easy to understand and can be learned intuitively in a very short space of time, not least because the symbols used in the proven ErgoPlus operating system are found here, too. The ErgoBasic remote control unit for the screed allows all paving-related functions to be set quickly and easily. That includes direct access to the material handling systems and the sonic sensor for the auger. There is a remote control unit for each side of the screed. The operator has a large range of actions thanks to the magnetic bracket and spiral cable connection. This means that he can always operate the screed from the best possible position, a factor of immense importance particularly when working in confined spaces.

Remote control unit for Niveltronic Basic

VÖGELE have also developed a System for Automated Grade and Slope Control to match the ErgoBasic operating system: the Niveltronic Basic. It is completely integrated into the machine control system and therefore perfectly adapted to the paver model concerned. Another outstanding aspect of Niveltronic Basic is its particularly simple and intuitive handling, a feature which makes it easy even for less experienced operators to learn their way around the system. This creates ideal conditions for the small paver to work true to line and level on any base.

Each side of the screed is operated by a separate compact and exceedingly robust Niveltronic Basic remote control unit. These units are easily removed from their magnetic brackets, giving the operator a large range of action so that he can always take up the optimum position for every paving job.

A variety of sensor types is available for Niveltronic Basic, in keeping with the machine‘s large and varied range of uses. These sensors extend from a mechanical to non-contacting sonic sensors.

The System for Automated Grade and Slope Control can simultaneously be connected to two grade sensors and a slope sensor. The type of sensor used is detected automatically. The kind of reference — ground, tensioned wire or transverse slope — can be easily set on the remote control unit.

Screed options for SUPER 1880 L

The multifunctional SUPER 1880 L stands out through superb adaptability, a feature making it perfectly suited to most varied paving tasks including CTB paving for expressways, national roads and country roads. Whether it is building large traffic areas, highways or motorways – this paver is ideal for any kind of large-scale projects. A number of screed options is available for combination with the SUPER 1880 L:

VÖGELE AB 500 Extending Screed is the preferred choice on all those jobs where pave width varies and premium pavement quality counts. Thanks to their sturdy single-tube telescoping system, these screeds can be set quickly and accurately to any pave width desired. The VÖGELE AB 500 Extending Screed is available in TV version (with tamper and vibrators). Effective sound insulation in the extending screeds reduces noise levels on the job site. In combination with the low-noise tractor unit, these screeds are hence ideally suited for use even in noise sensitive areas.

SB 300 HDT Fixed-Width Screed for roadbase applications

The SB 300 HDT has been specially developed for the placing of cold materials in roadbase construction such as cement-treated base (CTB). Its deep screed plates make for an excellent floating behaviour. Depending on the layer thickness and material, the tamper stroke can be set to 2, 4 or 7mm. In combination with the special tamper geometry, this ensures particularly high compaction values.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein / November 2016