Easy Drive from Hamm: Intuitive operating concept for all rollers

Modern construction machines are high-tech units whose engineering enables more functions to be carried out than ever before. Whether these are recognised and used by drivers however, is crucially dependent on the quality of the operating concept. So that the drivers of Hamm rollers can use all the functions to their full extent, the developers attach the utmost importance to simple, intuitive operation. No easy task, since the modern rollers are complex tools. With the new “Easy Drive” operating concept, HAMM has succeeded in pulling off this balancing act. The concept was first realised in the DV+ series tandem rollers. From spring 2016, Easy Drive is gradually being introduced in the HD+ series tandem rollers and H series compactors as well. The DV+ with this modern, ergonomically optimised and user-friendly operating concept is to be found at Nordbau 2016.

The operation of modern construction machines frequently overtaxes drivers with a surfeit of switches, displays and buttons. A common problem is a lack of clarity as to how to carry out important settings. Moreover, tedious searching in the depths of the operating menus is a stress factor for operators. On Hamm rollers, it’s a different story. Many years ago, the Tirschenreuth-based roller manufacturer recognised that intuitive operation makes a major contribution to the productivity of mobile machinery. That’s why Hamm places enormous emphasis on optimum machine operation.

Clarity and intuitive operation

The latest innovation in this area is the Easy Drive operating concept. It emerged as part of the development of the newest machine generation and is characterised in particular by intuitive operation. It enables drivers to respond quickly and correctly, even without extensive previous knowledge. This is made possible through a minimal number of intelligently arranged switches, good visibility in the operator's platform and short learning and familiarisation times.

A single concept for all rollers

The Easy Drive operating concept has already been launched in the DV+ series tandem rollers and is now being gradually integrated in the HD+ series tandem rollers and the H series compactors as well. All rollers will then have the same colours for the same function groups and a common design, adapted to the specific functions of the series. At the same time, the operating elements for the same functions will always be in the same position on the operator’s platform. Dr. Axel Römer, Head of Development and Design at Hamm, explains the fundamental thinking behind it: “If all Hamm asphalt construction and earthwork rollers operate with Easy Drive, anyone who has ever operated a ‘Hamm’ will instantly feel at home on all other Hamm rollers. In this way, we make life easier for operators when switching to a different machine type. They instantly identify important functions. This enables top-quality work right from the start and quickly builds up confidence.”

Simple and clearly laid out

The centrepiece of Easy Drive is its clear operating structure. Steering is always done by means of a steering wheel. All other essential functions are operated via the joystick with clearly visible buttons, and the multifunction armrest. Here, all operating elements are arranged according to the principle: the more frequently an element is operated, the closer its position to the joystick. At the same time, the operation is designed to be entirely language-neutral. Thanks to the colour coding of all operating elements, Hamm achieves unambiguous assignment and a clear overview.

Ergonomic and flexible

With the help of universities and ergonomics specialists as well as roller drivers from different countries, Hamm has also ergonomically optimised the operating concept. The results speak for themselves: drivers can turn the seat in the tandem rollers in either direction and move it from side to side as standard. What’s more, the position and suspension of the seat, the position of the armrests and the inclination of the dashboard are adjustable on all Easy Drive rollers. Thanks to the wealth of adjustment options, every driver will quickly find a healthy sitting position in the Easy Drive machines.

Convenient access and more

Easy Drive is also remarkable for helpful features, such as the wide stepway to the spacious cabin or operator’s platform. Folding armrests and a forward tilting steering column making it easy to get on and off are also standard. Documents and personal items can be securely stored in the many compartments around the seat, and 12 V sockets provide power for a mobile phone or coolbox.

Honoured by the most-respected bodies

The Easy Drive operating concept has been available in the DV+ series tandem rollers since 2015 and has been exceptionally well-received by drivers. But even the eminent jury members of the iF International Forum Design were impressed by the concept and awarded it the iF design award 2015 for first-class product design.

The Easy Drive operating concept received two further awards in February 2016: the “Universal Design expert favourite” label from a jury of experts and the “Universal Design consumer favourite” label from a jury of 100 users. This recently established design award highlights products which are flexible, easy and intuitive in use and whose operation and design reduces complexity to the minimum.