Asphalt production:
the secret is in the mixing

A thermal mixing process is required to produce asphalt from aggregate and bitumen for road construction and an asphalt mixing plant is essential here. Whether transportable or stationary – every mixture is a winner with tailor-made solutions by BENNINGHOVEN, the specialist for asphalt mixing plants.

Production process

We generally differentiate between two types of processes in asphalt production: continuous production and discontinuous or batch production.


In continuous production, there is no interruption to the mixing process. The individual components are continuously added to the mixing process. This process is particularly suited to large building projects requiring an aggregate or recipe that does not vary.


In batch production, the components of the asphalt mixture are first weighed before being mixed in batches in an asphalt mixer according to a specific recipe. This process is more flexible as the recipe for the mixture can be changed for each batch. What is more, a greater mixing quality can be achieved due to the more precise quantities added and adapted mixing cycles.

In Europe, the batch production process is the most widespread type of asphalt production.