Wirtgen Group once again surprises at M&T Expo 2015

Wirtgen Group sales exceeds expectations during the event

Despite the current state of the economy and the retraction in industrial production and sales of machines in the country, the Wirtgen Group has achieved another successful participation at the M&T Expo 2015. Among the equipment with better performance, highlight to the milling line of Wirtgen brand, which achieved a growth of 88% on sales made at the fair when compared to the 2012 edition

"We have had a good sales performance in all lines of equipment, particularly on milling machines that showed significant growth in this edition. Although in the total volume of deals closed at the event we have obtained a total sales of approximately 20% below what we achieved in the last 2012 edition, this represented a much lower drop compared to what our industry has felt in 2015, with reduced turnover in several lines of equipment produced by us, more than 70% on average compared to the same period in 2014. This makes us conclude that we further increased our market share in Brazil. This performance contributes greatly to the company's revenue, and also regarding operations at the factory in Porto Alegre." Emphasizes Luiz Marcelo Tegon, commercial president of Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários.

Another highlight was the sales figures of Hamm compaction rollers and Ciber pavers and asphalt plants, which together resulted in better performance regarding sales throughout the first quarter of 2015.

"We believe that M&T was the beginning and the heating of a resumption, and therefore we bet on the continuity of existing works and the acceleration of the recently announced government package, making it possible to generate some demand for machines still in 2015. Our current and new customers, once again upon acquiring such amount of equipment at M&T Expo affirmed their preference for the high-tech products and quality of the Wirtgen Group, a good sign that they are excelling also in quality, productivity and superior results in their designs", adds Tegon .

These results are due to the work the Wirtgen Group has been carrying out with its customers, both current and potential, where the intention has always been of promoting the trip to the fair, intensifying the visits on the eve of the event and contacts during the event. As well as the differentiated services, customer to customer, during the M&T.

"Despite the industry apprehension atmosphere, we went confident to M&T that we would come out once again successfully at the end of the event. We have prepared ourselves on the day before, gathering all our resellers and aligning the strategies and operation mode of the Wirtgen Group for the event. We have invested and counted in this edition with a high-profile booth with information options and new technologies available to customers and visitors, with machine releases as crusher Kleemann MCO9, new nationalized products like Vögele S1300-3 and compactor roller Hamm HD90 in addition to the pre-launch of the Cyber Inova 2000P2 plant, which impacted and called the attention of customers throughout Latin America," explains Jandrei Goldschmidt, marketing manager for Ciber.

Wirtgen Group and Ciber

Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários, a subsidiary of the Wirtgen Group (Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm and Kleemann) in Brazil, and manufacturer of Ciber brand products, during the M&T Expo 2015 presented to the Brazilian and Latin American market four major innovations: the pre-release of the new asphalt plant Ciber iNova 2000 P2, the launch of the conical crusher Kleemann MCO EVO 9 and the nationalization of paver Vögele Super 1300-3 and roller Hamm HD 90, which from now on count with FINAME (Financing of Machinery and Equipment ).

M&T Expo

The M&T EXPO 2015, the largest trade fair in Latin America in the sector of equipment for construction and mining, counted with the participation of the main manufacturers of the segment. At the 20th anniversary edition, the event occupied an area of 100 thousand square meters, bringing together more than 400 exhibitors from Brazil and abroad, representing about 1,000 recognized innovative brands. In all, more than 50,000 visitors were welcomed from all over the country and abroad.