Wirtgen Group equipments will be used in the Rio de Janeiro “Asfalto Liso” Project

Three rollers, one milling machine, and one paver will be used in the project meant to get the city ready for the World Cup and Olympic Games

Five equipments of the Wirtgen Group purchased at the M&T Expo 2012 fair will be used in the “Asfalto Liso” Project works. The program developed by the Rio de Janeiro City Office of Public Works is a long-term initiative to maintain and recover streets in the western, northern, and southern areas and Barra da Tijuca as well. With that, the city administration estimates that nearly 800 km of streets will be recovered.

The idea is to improve the city’s infrastructure and get it ready for two of the most important sports events in the world to be held in the next few years, the World Cup and the Olympic Games. The program was launched in 2010 and is meant to fully recover the asphalt in all areas of the city, ensuring greater durability for the pavement and decreasing the number of hole-plugging actions carried out by the City Office of Conservation.

Erwil, the company in charge of the work, has purchased three Hamm rollers models HD 10C VV, GRW 18 and HD 14 VT, one Wirtgen W 100 F milling machine, and one Vögele S 1100-2 paver to carry out the project.

Márcio Luis da Silva, Erwil’s maintenance engineer, explained that the company started working in collaboration with the Rio de Janeiro City Administration last year. “In the beginning of our contract we purchased another five equipments from the Wirtgen Group, and now, to keep the process going, we felt the need to further equip our fleet with quality products such as the ones offered by the group’s brands”.