Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários presents the new asphalt plant UACF iNova 1200 P1 with high technology

If there is a word to define what is expected of the new Cyber asphalt plant - one of the five brands that make up the Wirtgen Group, that word is ‘innovation’.

Among many others, the main innovation of the asphalt plant Cyber UACF iNova 1200 P1 is the possibility of remote monitoring. The Ciber engineering manager, Bernard Ronchetti, explains that - through a simple software supplied by the factory - the customer can access information in real time on your computer and manage the process online. "The engineer in charge of the plant can see the same screen as the operator. With that, he is able to check the operation in real time, 24 hours a day. Access the historical production and consumption of commodities is also possible, "he explains.

Another novelty is the possibility of computer processing Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) through the installation of optional components. "Recycling can reach up to 50%," explains the engineer. The percentage is quite significant, since in the United States – reference in recycling asphalt - the average is 17%.

Another innovation of Ciber UACF iNova 1200 P1 is related to fuel economy and environmental concern during the production process of the asphalt: it is possible to produce WMA (Warm Mix Asphalt). "By setting up the equipment’s system it is possible to reduce the temperature production in 15% and maintaining the quality of the mix. In addition to reducing fuel consumption, the process also reduces carbon generation”, explains engineering manager at Ciber.

The plant is completely modular. In other words, the client can – at any time given - change its configuration. The export sales manager for Latin America, Rafael Zuchetto, explains that the customer can always improve the characteristics of the equipment. "At the time of purchase, the customer defines the setting according to the requirements to perform a particular job. If the technical requirements of the following work are greater, the plant can receive new components. The options are designed as modules, making it very easy installation. The control software leaves the factory ready to recognize the new elements added later. "

The environmental issue is also one of the highlights of the new plant Ciber UACF iNova 1200 P1. "The new plant is even more efficient in the purification of exhaust gases, reducing emissions by 8 times compared to other existing plants on the market," says Rafael Zuchetto.

The new plant is the standard concept of Ciber: counterflow for greater thermal efficiency, lower fuel consumption and external mixture to preserve the quality of the binder and ensure consistency of asphalt.

The machinery are designed, conceived and manufactured in Brazil. Plants are marketed and distributed in all areas of activity Ciber: Brazil and Latin America, Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia.

More innovations

The new plant also features improvements in access to the operator's cabin and switchgear. The automation system uses the CANopen protocol, which reduces the number of components and facilitates maintenance and diagnosis.

The Ciber UACF iNova 1200 P1 is built on a single chassis. Although compact, it meets the latest standards for road construction, with four bins as standard series. The plant has a larger mixer, easy to maintain – you can eliminate all the upper decks for easy access and there is a lower gate for cleaning – and a new and exclusive "dry mixing zone", which improves the production of special compounds such as SMA and allows better control in the permanence time of the mixture at this stage of the process.

The new drag lift, with a new protective material more durable and easier to maintain, is innovative in its geometry. The new distribution of the fins inside the dryer provides even better heat exchange between the flame burner and aggregates, helping to reduce fuel consumption.

About Ciber

With 54 years experience in paving, Ciber operates in the countries of Latin America, Africa, Oceania and Southeast Asia, bringing development to the regions it serves, offering the best value in the products it manufactures.

The company is part of the Wirtgen Group, which specializes in production of equipment for construction, road maintenance and retrieval and mining. The group also includes four other brands: Wirtgen, Vögel, Hamm and Kleemann, all with their parent companies and factories in Germany as well as having production facilities in Brazil, India and China.