Ciber UACF iNova asphalt plants will be used to build Ruta Del Sol

The two Ciber UACF iNova 1200 P1 asphalt plants bought at the M&T Expo 2012 will be used to build the third section of Ruta Del Sol (the Caribbean Route), the transportation infrastructure project currently considered the most important one in Colombia. The construction stands out because once it has been completed it is going to connect the country’s main production centers to the Caribbean coast. That will enable companies to become more competitive and make it easier for them to move their products.

Construction of the third section of the road started in June 2011 and is estimated to be completed in May 2017. The overall construction of Ruta Del Sol started in 2010 and has cost USD 2.6 billion. The road is now considered an example to be followed by future infrastructure works in Colombia. Once it is ready, the road is expected to shorten travel time and decrease costs and accidents.

Gustavo Rodriguez, co-owner of the Grodco Business Group along with his sister Olga Rodriguez, purchased the Ciber UACF iNOVA plants at the M&T Expo 2012. “I buy Wirtgen Group products because they are high quality and offer great post-sale support. We also have dealers available to serve us in Colombia and prices are very good.”

The plant model that will be used for Ruta Del Sol was launched at the fair and is laden with innovations. One of the new Ciber UACF iNova plant features is the ability for clients to monitor it remotely. Additionally, once adapted, the machine is capable of processing up to 50% of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), besides turning out the so-called warm mix asphalt (WMA), which is more cost-effective, given it uses up less fuel, and eco-friendly, as it generates less carbon.

About Ciber

With 54 years experience in paving, Ciber operates in the countries of Latin America, Africa, Oceania and Southeast Asia, bringing development to the regions it serves, offering the best value in the products it manufactures.

The company, whose factory is in Brazil, is part of the Wirtgen Group, which is specialized in production of equipment for road construction and mining. The group also includes four other brands: Wirtgen, Vögel, Hamm and Kleemann, all headquarters are located in Germany as well as having production facilities in Brazil, India and China.