Efficiency in milling

Adequate for narrow projects or urban roads

The cold milling machines W 1000 L and W 1900 of the German make Wirtgen, manufactured in Brazil by Ciber, are equipment used to remove surface pavement of damaged asphalt, remove the complete structure of the highways, and make local repairs. These machines have a strong engine and are versatile and easy to use, which has all contributed to building a strong customer base in Latin America.

W 1000 L Cold milling Machine

The W 1000 L has a chassis with individual functional modules for the fuel, oil, and water tanks. This machine has a 4-wheel drive and a 6-cylinder diesel engine, offering high output and complying with all the environmental laws in the United States and Europe.

An efficient system reduces the noise levels and causes the operation to have less of an impact on populated regions. The equipment has an adjustable scrapper that by setting its height and variable pressure it can remove all the milled material and leave the pavement completely clean. The conveyor belt has an adjustable unloading height, which can be moved to either side. Its grooved surface is designed to efficiently and safely remove the material.

Another characteristic of the W 1000 L is its capacity to adjust the milling depth based on an automatic system of hydraulic leveling that raises or lowers the rear wheels and the back part of the equipment. The cut is made easily and precisely following the levels set by independent height controls. The electronic grading control is an optional feature. Other information about the versatility of this milling machine can be seen on the map with the equipment's main technologies on the next pages.

W 1900 Cold Milling Machine

The W 1900 offers innumerous advantages for any milling activity. Because it is compact, it is easy to transport and maneuver in small job sites or on urban roads. The unloading belt can be folded, which lowers the machine's length by more than three meters. It has a 435-horsepower diesel engine and a fuel tank of 800 liters.

The operating cab offers safety to the operator, as well as a full view of the work area, who can work from either side of the machine making it possible to see the milling edge (one of the main characteristics of the Wirtgen milling machines). All operations necessary on the machine can be done from the instrument panel.

No less important is Wirtgen's FCS system, which makes it possible to equip a W 1900 with a 2-meter wide milling drum. This optional feature makes it possible to use drums that vary in working width between 60 centimeters to two meters.

In terms of productivity, the mechanical drive of the drum transforms the power generated by the engine and ensures a high performance for the milling machine. The automatic levelling system adjusts the depth desired right from the first meter of operation.