New Kleemann Mobirex EVO plants – a global success story

When a new machine is developed from scratch, the moment of truth – the market launch – always strikes sooner or later, and no matter how well or how diligently the preparations and testing work may have been, this is a time when various questions arise. How will the machine be received by the customers? Will it truly live up to the promise it showed during its development and prototype testing? Will the machine be a market success? One year after the market launch, all of these questions can be answered with a clear "yes".

The right technical concept pays off

In terms of performance and fuel consumption, both the MR 110 and the MR 130 have demonstrated what is possible in their size class when the right concept is applied. The new material flow concept, which ensures that there is no restriction to the flow of the material, successfully prevents the blockages, reduces wear and increases the performance of the entire plant. Factors contributing to this include proven Kleemann components as well as further developed components, such as the active double-deck pre-screen, the vibrating discharge chute as well as the all new crusher with its new innovative inlet geometry and new rotor ledges technology. The fully automatic hydraulic gap setting system of the crushing jaw, which is unique in the market, also substantially improves not only the quality of the final product but also the availability of the plant in combination with the effective overload protection system.

Successful the world over

An MR 110 Z EVO plant has recently been proving its worth in the field of recycling in Xuchang in the Province of Henan, China, crushing demolition material. The feed material has an average size of 0 - 900 mm, in some cases even 1,000 mm, and is crushed to a size of 0-32 mm. The material is then recycled for use in the manufacture of various products, such as cement and bricks, or is used as a subgrade material in road construction. Performance tests showed feed capacities of as much as 350 t/h. According to David Zhao of Wirtgen Group sales and service company Wirtgen China, the customer already had experience with other makes, but only the Kleemann plant can fulfil its demands in terms of reliability and performance.

Another example is in Sydney, Australia, where an MR 130 ZS EVO is also being used for recycling. Diverse materials are being processed here, demonstrating the great versatility of the plant: asphalt, bricks, tiles, concrete and demolition material with dimensions of up to 700 mm are crushed to various sizes from 0-40 mm. These materials are being recycled and used for road construction, as well as in gabions and decorative applications. The decisive factors for the customer were the high average performance of more than 300 t/h, the robust design and machine features such as the active pre-screen and the diesel-electric drive system with direct crusher drive.

The new plants are also demonstrating their capabilities when it comes to natural stone, for example in a limestone application in Switzerland. Or in France, where an MR 110 Z EVO processes up to 3,000 tonnes of bauxite in an 8-hour shift. According to Michael Schwarz, Area Sales Manager at Kleemann GmbH, the customer is particularly impressed by the hourly capacity and low diesel consumption.

Conclusion: market launch more than successful

These are just a few examples of many successful projects around the world. Time and again, the plants are impressing Kleemann customers with their tremendous performance, their low fuel consumption and wear and, not least, the broad range of applications they can handle. And so, the questions posed at the start of this article can be answered not only with a clear "yes", but with a resounding "Yes, and how!"

Operating site: Xuchang, China
Sydney, Australia