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Welcome to ООО "YO'LTEC". We thank you for your interest and for visiting the web pages of ООО "YO'LTEC". The information offered herein is provided on the basis of the terms and conditions of use, as detailed below, concerning the use of the web pages of ООО "YO'LTEC".



We have produced these web pages with the utmost care. Nonetheless, ООО "YO'LTEC" cannot warrant the correctness, completeness, currentness and quality of the information provided herein. Hence, ООО "YO'LTEC" excludes each and any liability for defects of quality or defects of title directly or indirectly resulting from the use of our Internet information offer, provided that these are not due to intention or gross negligence on the part of ООО "YO'LTEC". All offers are without obligation and not binding. ООО "YO'LTEC" has the right, at any time, to partially or entirely discontinue the operation of the web pages of ООО "YO'LTEC". Owing to the nature of the Internet and of computer systems, ООО "YO'LTEC" cannot warrant the uninterrupted availability of the web pages of ООО "YO'LTEC".


When using our Internet information offer, you undertake to refrain from each and any misuse of the services offered, in particular:

  • not to circumvent any safety measures of the information service provided,
  • not to use any facility or to execute any applications that will result or can result in damage to the facilities or a functional failure of ООО "YO'LTEC", in particular by way of any modification of the physical or logical structure of the servers or the network of ООО "YO'LTEC" or of other networks.


Where reference is made to Internet offers of use by third parties (links), ООО "YO'LTEC" shall neither assume any liability for the correctness, completeness, currentness and quality of the information provided therein, nor assume any liability for or warrant that the contents of the pages referred to are free from viruses. No illegal contents were identifiable on the linked pages at the time of linking. As these pages can, however, be modified at any time, ООО "YO'LTEC" shall not accept any responsibility for the contents of the web pages of third parties and expressly distances itself from any and all contents of any and all linked pages that were modified after linking. The use of any links is made at the user’s own risk.


ООО "YO'LTEC" endeavours to keep its web pages free from viruses at all times. Nonetheless, ООО "YO'LTEC" can neither warrant that their web pages are free from viruses nor assume any liability for damages and impairments caused by computer viruses. To ensure his or her own safety and to prevent viruses, the user should arrange for appropriate safety measures and virus scanners before downloading any information, software and documentation.


If you wish to send an e-mail to ООО "YO'LTEC" via your private e-mail account, please note that, due to the technical structures of the Internet, you will have to arrange for your own safety measures to warrant the confidentiality and integrity of the e-mail contents. If you wish to send an e-mail directly from the contact section of ООО "YO'LTEC", we advise you that this data will be transmitted unencrypted and that ООО "YO'LTEC" cannot warrant the confidentiality and integrity of the e-mail.


The contents of the web pages of ООО "YO'LTEC", in particular texts, pictures, illustrations, sound and video and animated files as well as their applications, are protected by copyright. It is not permitted to copy, distribute, perform or otherwise use the contents for commercial or public purposes. Furthermore, the entire content may neither be modified nor used on other Internet pages or cross-linked computers without the written consent of ООО "YO'LTEC". Furthermore, some of ООО "YO'LTEC"s web pages include material that is subject to third-party copyrights. The contents of the “Press” section may, however, be downloaded for the purpose of publication by journalists and may be published and quoted on other web pages for press purposes. The copyrights and property rights of ООО "YO'LTEC" and other WIRTGEN GROUP companies must be expressly stated when copying any of these contents.


Unless stated otherwise, all marks mentioned on the web pages of ООО "YO'LTEC" are trademarks protected by law. ООО "YO'LTEC" protects its intellectual property, including the patents, trademarks and copyrights. No license to use the intellectual property of ООО "YO'LTEC" or of third parties is granted by way of these web pages.



ООО "YO'LTEC" attaches great importance to the protection of personal data. Our online offer is subject to the provisions of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG = Federal Data Protection Act).


Personal data is information that can be used to establish your identity. It includes information such as your name, address, postal address, telephone number. It does not include information that is not related to your identity (such as, for instance, favoured web pages or the number of users of a page).

Generally, you can make use of our online offer without disclosing your identity.

If you are interested in receiving informative literature, we ask for your name and other personal information. It is your own, free decision as to whether you enter these details.

Your details will be saved in our organization. A limited number of persons only who are concerned with the technical processing of orders or enquiries will have access to these details.

In connection with your query, data will be stored on our servers for statistical purposes that may possibly permit identification (e.g. IP address, date, time and pages viewed). It will not be used in relation to any person. We reserve the right to statistically evaluate anonymized data sets.


When ordering brochures or sending enquiries, we shall use your personal information within the organization of ООО "YO'LTEC" and WIRTGEN GROUP. We shall not forward it to third parties without your express consent. We shall forward your details to parties authorized to receive such information to the extent that we are obligated to do so by law or by court order.


If you have provided us with personal data, you may demand that this data be deleted again at any given time. It is possible to have your personal data deleted by informing us accordingly to our e-mail address yoltec.uz@gmail.com stating, "Delete my personal data".


It is possible to use our online offer without the use of cookies.

Most browsers are set so as to accept cookies automatically. You can, however, disable the setting of cookies or adjust your browser to notify you as soon as a cookie is transmitted.


To the extent that parts or individual phrases of these terms of use do not, not any longer or not fully comply with the law in force at any given time, this shall not affect the contents and the validity of the remaining parts of these terms of use.