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Cold Milling

The WIRTGEN cold milling manual will explain the core technologies, application possibilities and conditions of use – including increased requirements of the future – and supplement this with background information.

  • Basis concept of cold milling machines, WIRTGEN machine types and performance
  • Core technology cutting, leveling and machine control
  • Fields of application
  • Calculating milling performance and milling quality
  • Environment and the future prospects

Soil Treatment

Soil stabilizers convert subsoils of poor bearing capacity into soils that are highly suitable for placing and compacting. Soil-binder mixtures can be used to achieve a permanent increase in bearing capacity, significantly improve shear strength and considerably reduce settlement behaviour.

The WIRTGEN manual on soil treatment and base layers with hydraulic binders not only describes the various standards, specifications, directives and codes of practice but also provides valuable insights into applications technology to ensure the most efficient use of soil stabilizers on the construction site.

Cold Recycling

A comprehensive compendium on everything to do with the economically efficient and environmentally friendly rehabilitation method.

The book describes the methods and options of cold recycling, methods for analyzing existing pavement structures, as well as procedures for selecting suitable binding agents. The authors have also included many suggestions for practical implementation.


The WIRTGEN laboratory equipment comprising the

  • WLB 10 S laboratory foamed bitumen plant,
  • WLM 30 twin-shaft pugmill mixer, and
  • WLV-1 vibratory hammer compaction unit

enables the quick and easy manufacture of mixes and test specimens to verify their suitability for the intended use. In addition, this equipment enables a comparison to be made between different types of bitumen as well as determining the optimum bitumen addition to achieve maximum durability and fitness for purpose.

An essential characteristic of suitability testing is that it is performed prior to construction. Tests performed during construction serve the purpose of process control. The WIRTGEN BSM Laboratory Manual teaches the correct, real-life approach to suitability testing and process control procedures for recycling road construction materials with foamed bitumen.

Slipform Paving

The manual is entitled " Curb, barrier, sidewalk and multipurpose applications". The work focuses on WIRTGEN's small slipform pavers, the SP 15 / SP 15i, the SP 25 / SP 25i and the SP 61 / SP 61i. On the 228 clearly illustrated pages, experts supply practical tips for everyday paving situations – an especially valuable feature. All aspects of practical application – covering everything from job site logistics and slipforms to curing – are explained in detail.

Surface Mining

WIRTGEN offers a technically mature product portfolio for opencast mining with cutting widths ranging from 2.20 m to 4.20 m and cutting depths from 20 cm to 83 cm.

The manual describes the advantages offered by the WIRTGEN surface mining technology and addresses all aspects from cutting technology to material transport. The comprehensive manual is complemented by planning guides facilitating the economical operation of the surface miners and application examples showing miners in operation around the globe and in all types of rock.


Packed with useful tips for optimum settings of paver and screed, answers to numerous questions associated with asphalt paving and many details on materials theory, Joseph VÖGELE AG’s Paving Guide is a handy booklet for its customers and also ideal for home study. Practical on-the job examples that also cover all interfaces, such as the screed or transport of mixture, make the Guide a useful tool to help the customer on the job site.


With the new manual “Compaction – in asphalt construction and earthworks”, HAMM has created a comprehensive elementary manual on this subject. Not only is the machine technology described, but the booklet also imparts a knowledge of physics and soil mechanics. Furthermore, the manual provides information on the layers in road construction and earthworks and has handy tips for practical work on the job site. The descriptively illustrated manual is suitable both for the interested layman and for advanced users.


In-depth knowledge of processing technology is imperative for the efficient operation of mobile crushing and screening plants. The KLEEMANN handbook “Mobile Processing” shares the fundamentals of process technology. With this manual interested readers have access to a transparent tool for practical application which contains information on material properties, shows clear application examples and provides detailed explanations of the different types of plants.

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